Homemade Bread Bowls

Bread bowls and broccoli cheese soup

I live in Chicago.

I absolutely, positively cannot stand cold weather.

I understand how the two previous statements seem to completely contradict themselves. Chicago is a cold, cold place. Well, except for July. Then it is hotter than Hades. But in the winter? The midwest is a miserable place to live for someone who hates the cold and snow and anything having to do with ice.

Fall boots are cute. I can totally handle a nice pair of leather riding boots. Snow boots? Snow boots are anything but cute.

But, alas, this is where I live, and I have to find some way to deal with my least favorite season until I can move somewhere where it is 75 degrees at all times. Mostly I deal with soup, with broccoli cheese soup being my top choice. And broccoli cheese soup absolutely, positively calls for a carby accompaniment.

Bonus points if you abandon real dishes and serve me soup in a bread bowl instead. That ish will get me through a good two hours week of winter without complaining.

Head on over to Food Fanatic to read the article and get my recipe for Homemade Bread Bowls!

PS – I was also featured on the Blogger Spotlight over at Taste and Tell this weekend! Pop on over to check out the feature and be sure to follow Taste and Tell while you’re there!


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    I’m not a cold-weather human either…I love the snow and winter sports, but prefer the fair weather days over the blizzardy blistering cold ones, and thankfully winters here are pretty mild temperature-wise. I gotta tell ya, lady…you’d probably love Tahoe weather..summers don’t get too warm (around 90 at the absolute max, but mostly hover around 82), and winters are never too cold. Of course, there’s all the snow that needs to be reckoned with, but it’s certainly fun to play around in.

    Anyway, move that whole family over here and bring them bread bowls? We can all get cooped up with soup and hot chocolate and go skiing! Waaaaahooooo!

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    Oh yes! Bread bowls and soup is totally how I make it through winter!!! My freezer is already stock full of broth and tomato based soups. I am thinking I need some creamy ones thrown in for variety. PS I am so in on a girls trip to FL! I will leave the baby with Mike!

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    I lived in Minnesota for 15 winters. Which is pretty much an eternity. That state, as gorgeous and fun as it is, basically has 6 weeks of warmth. After my 2nd kid was born, I WAS DONE. Come to California and be my neighbor!

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    I KNOW. Make the cold go away. I am dreading our Chicago winter. I’m hibernating until June :) Seriously…

    And YUM! I wasn’t kidding that I’m obsessed with your bread making, heading over to check it out!

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    It’s getting hot here in Perth… it was 37 degrees C (98 degrees f) last Thursday, argh! I do love soup in bread bowls though. I haven’t eaten broccoli cheese soup – ever – so as soon as the weather cools down again I am downing a steaming bread bowl of that glory quick smart!! Yum. Thanks Stephie xx

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      WHAT!? No broccoli cheese soup?! How have you survived? Oh right, you make a billion gawwwgeous things on a regular basis, that’s how. Well, save the recipe for when it isn’t a million degrees and treat yourself to some cheesy broccoli goodness. :-)


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