2012: The year in Instagram

2012. What a year it has been. A year full of changes, love, and friendships – both old and new.

It’s been a good – though also trying – year.

And so, as we get ready to ring in 2013 tonight, I thought I would share a few snippets of what my life looked like in 2012, through the filter-covered lens of Instagram:

January: Starting off the year right with my first Instagram photo and a new pair of shoes. Typical.

photo 17 e1356068460281 2012: The year in Instagram

February: Cheered on one of my best friends in the last home track meet of his college career. Growing up is crazy.

photo 18 e1356068506626 2012: The year in Instagram

March: Flew a kite for the first time on an unseasonably warm day (I didn’t mind)…

photo 19 e1356068537693 2012: The year in Instagram

…and met Joy the Baker and made a new life-long friend (that was a great day!).

photo 20 e1356068569758 2012: The year in Instagram

April: Took a lot of pictures of this stinker (it was clearly a slow month).

photo 21 e1356068599894 2012: The year in Instagram

May: Spent a day playing with a park full of beagles.

photo 22 e1356068630288 2012: The year in Instagram

June: Watched my childhood best friend say “I do” (and shed a lot of happy tears in the process).

photo 23 e1356068664962 2012: The year in Instagram

July: Welcomed a new fur-baby into my home (and my heart).

photo 24 e1356068703160 2012: The year in Instagram

August: Started a new job (and made friends with the office dog in the process).

photo 25 e1356068739810 2012: The year in Instagram

September: Saw one of my favorite musicians live in concert…

photo 26 e1356068773509 2012: The year in Instagram

…and celebrated the first anniversary of a blog that started out as a whim.

photo 31 2012: The year in Instagram

October: Visited these two lovebirds in their new home in Florida.

photo 27 e1356068861161 2012: The year in Instagram

November: Prepared my first turkey…

photo 28 e1356068900430 2012: The year in Instagram

…and put up my first Christmas tree (complete with cat-acting-as-present).

photo 29 e1356068932412 2012: The year in Instagram

December: Closed out the year with some quality time cooking, baking and blogging with a very special friend and her very adorable pug.

photo 30 e1356068965717 2012: The year in Instagram

Happy new year to all of my loving readers. I am truly glad to have shared 2012 with you, and I am anxious to see what 2013 brings us.


  1. says

    Looks like a wonderful year! Your heels are so cute – I need to find me a pair of unique kicks like yours! Your animals are adorable and it looks like you went on a lot of fun trips. And the kite flying – priceless! Great photos, lady and Happy New Year!!

    • Stephie says

      Thanks, Patrick! I have creative ideas once a year. It just took me all 365 days to get to the idea this year. ;-)

      Happy new year to you and Molly!

    • says

      I was going to point out that Stephie gets all of her creative ideas from her momma’s side of the family, but then she had to blurt out that it only happens once a year.

  2. says

    Awww I love posts like this! Looks like you had a great year! I would’ve never known that was your first turkey. It turned out beautiful! Happy New Year!

  3. says

    I loved your year in pictures! How could you have never flown a KITE BEFORE though? I would have thoughts Chicagoans were outside all Spring. :) So many successful firsts for you this year! Your Christmas tree and turkey are both lovely!

  4. says

    Aww I love the pic of you flying the kite! It looks like a magazine picture :) Such a cute idea to go through the year in Instagrams, I’m going to hunt through mine too!

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